Using hand building techniques with a variety of clay bodies, Michael makes predominantly sculptural vessels. Working intuitively and without a solid presupposed idea of outcome, each vase is unique in both it’s form, and glazed surface. His work sees him explore the organic shapes of eggs and seed pods. 

“Initially I happened upon the exploded seed pod form after experimenting with scraps of clay. This happy accident begun a journey that has led me to create a collection which continues to excite me, and evolve into new designs and surface finishes.

The more I make the more I enjoy the process as I learn to manipulate the clay and further my understanding of the possibilities of ceramics.


I find it fascinating that all this form and colour starts as something directly from the earth and finishes as something brand new and celebratory of nature its self. A spent seed pod becomes nearly useless in nature but I enjoy recognising its beauty as a permanent object."

Michael Lendon, 2018